Atmosphere Home's aesthetic embodies the idea of taking time to live richly and home's essential role in this experience. Working from an international frame of reference shaped by world travel, the owners of Atmosphere Home create home furnishings that capture the many aspects of enjoying life. Atmosphere Home launched in 1998 with the San Juan parent store in Puerto Rico. There are now locations in San Jose, Costa Rica, and Marbella, Spain as well. Since then, their VH Studio Collection is now being offered at showroom's in the United States including New York and Washington DC. Additionally, residential projects in London, Geneva, Marbella, Paris, and Miami.

Atmosphere Home's furniture is handmade to order one piece at a time, allowing for customer design modification on a number of items. The ability to modify exquisite handmade furniture to accommodate special home spaces enables clients to engage in the design process and lend their sensibility to creating the furnishings that surround them.

Modern clean lines and a soothing palette of colors and textures found in nature are the inspiration for the VH Studio Collection. Each piece is crafted to the highest industry standards, featuring sumptuous fabrics and exotic woods from around the world. Since each item is handmade to order by an individual craftsman, modifications on a number of items are available, allowing you to design that perfect piece for your home.

Jesse has arrived at Atmosphere Home, and the chore of organizing your home can now be transformed into an exercise in beauty, luxury, and innovation. Inspired by international designs and grounded in a rich heritage of Italian craftsmanship and quality, JESSE offers a full line of home furnishings and component systems. While their furniture is surely gorgeous, it is their media and closet systems that are brilliant works of interior architecture. These systems are customizable, crafted from the finest materials, and will make coordinating your life irresistible.

Atmosphere Home Costa Rica is proud to offer Eugenio Aguirre's masterpiece furniture collection. Aguirre's collection embodies the emotion of the countryside and the harmony of nature, with each piece designed and constructed with the knowledge, power, and detail that only many generations of craftsman can bring. With finely-tooled leathers and fabrics, and distinctive dimensions and materials, Eugenio Aguirre's unique perspective is a must to see and feel.